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Assisted Stretching Services

Assisted stretching performed by physical therapist and/or certified stretching coach.

  • 1 h
  • Assisted Stretching with Q & A Physical Therapy

Service Description

Individualized program designed to address client/patients specific needs to provide optimal results and outcomes. Program designed to treat muscle tightness, joint imbalance, and tissue restriction in order to improve blood flow, increase range of motion, increase flexibility, improve movement quality, improve posture, and reduce risk of injury. Services include assisted stretching, myofascial release techniques (cupping, scraper, etc.) and manual trigger point release techniques depending on chosen package. There are multiple packages to choose from including: Express Stretch 20: This is a 20-minute session that includes a quick and effective stretch for the full body or area of patient focus. This would be great for those with limited time and/or would like to incorporate a weekly stretching routine guided by a professional. Ultimate Stretch 40: This is a 40-minute session that begins with trigger point release techniques to release tension followed by assisted stretching for improved mobility and flexibility. This program is ideal and recommended to be performed weekly or every other week for optimal outcomes. The Works 60: This is a 60-minute session to address myofascial tension and adhesion as well as muscle and joint tightness/restrictions. This includes myofascial release techniques including cupping, scrapping, and manual trigger point release. Session ends with assisted stretching for overall rejuvenating and relaxing experience. This program is recommended every other week or once a month for optimal outcomes. Home Stretching Program: Program designed to allow carryover with assisted stretching services in order to allow self-maintenance for better muscle function, mobility and for injury prevention. Program will be provided through written and/or electronic form. Program can be updated as indicated by patient tolerance and ongoing assessment during assisted stretching program.

Contact Details

  • 122 Southwest Midtown Place, Lake City, FL, USA

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